Question paper ll be of 3 sections -
Section 1: Quant Section ( 20 Questions)

  • Number System
  • work and time
  • permutation
  • geometry
  • Probability

this is just a list which covers majorly but you need to study for complete quant..usually getting 8 - 9 questions correct ll fetch you around 90 percentile...

Section 2: DI and Logical Reasoning ( 20 Questions)

  • DI- tabular data with conditions 5 questions
  • Arrangement ( visiting 3 villages each day, 5 villages... with lots of conditions) 3 questions
  • Coding/Decoding based on multiplication

This is the most difficult part of the Elitmus and u need to answer 5 to get some 90 percentile...

Section 3: Verbal ( 20 Questions)

  • 3 RC 4 question in each
  • paragraph formation
  • fill in the blank ( appropriate word)
  • grammar

this is very easy part...
Elitmus ll definitely fetch u a good job if u can get a good percentile...lookin at your agg,your probability of getting a job is more...some people have been offered upto 10lpa...
R.S Aggarwal and Arun Sharma would be sufficient for preparation....Admin Suggestion:-Try to Solve the Previous Paper of CAT Exam ,I am Sure that U Will Crack this Exam With Good Ph Score.