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    Smile Extempore Latest Topics

    1) 51.50=1
    2) my papass pink pajama
    3) mera wala pink
    4) 12 o clock
    5) world cup in a auto
    6) let white be white and black be black
    7) any colour
    8. Hair today gone tomorrow lace in a black shoe
    10. Touch me NET
    11. Rambo on the rampage
    12. IPL - Ishq, Pyar, Love or It's Politics, Loser !
    13.small is beutiful
    14.tubelights are better then bulbs celll
    16.manmohan singh is only a puppet
    18.alexander vs blue
    21. word 'e'
    23.columbus and white
    25.shacks and shoe is coke..
    27.fake world please other)
    30.2011 year of scams
    32.india really a democratic country
    33.sensex sensation not alwz gliterrs
    35.happinesss cost
    36.old wine in a new botttle Member!!

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    Re: Extempore Latest Topics

    Can you tell us what is this because I am unable to understand that what is this exactly? It is looking very interesting, however without having exact information I can't understand them.

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