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Thread: Differences between circuit switching and packet switching

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    Thumbs up Differences between circuit switching and packet switching

    The differences between circuit switching and packet switching are as follows-
    1. Circuit switching is done at physical layer whereas datagram
    switching is generally done at network layer.

    2. Circuit switching requires the resources to be reserved before the
    transmission of data but datagram switching doesn’t require such
    reservation of resources.

    3. In circuit switching, whole of the data travels along a single dedicated
    path between the two terminals whereas in datagram switching
    data is divided into packets and each of these packets are treated
    indepently and travel along different paths, source and destination
    being the same. Member!!

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    Re: Differences between circuit switching and packet switching

    Circuit switching concept is used in Telephony networks where a dedicated line is assigned to particular connection, the connection in this case is permanent during the connection.Considerable amount of bandwidth is wasted in this process and at a time only one way communication is possible. Whereas in case of packet switching packet are send on different path based on the address(Virtual or IP or MAC).Packet switching is more flexible as well as two communication of packets is possible. Packet switching is less reliable than circuit switching as in second case connection is fixed during operation.

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    Re: Differences between circuit switching and packet switching

    In packet switching message get broken into different small data packets. here each packet is treated as individually by the switching centre and in packet switching each packet may go a differenet route from the others.
    In circuit-switching, the path is decided before the transmission of data begins using a resource-optimizing algorithm.

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    Re: Differences between circuit switching and packet switching

    Circuit switching network establishes a fixed bandwidth circuit (channel) between nodes before the users may communicate, as if the nodes were physically connected with an electrical circuit.
    Packet switching is a communications paradigm in which packets (discrete blocks of data) are routed between nodes over data links shared with other traffic. Member!!

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