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Thread: Write an Applet code to draw Human face

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    Write an Applet code to draw Human face

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.applet.*
    public class Face extends Applet
    public void paint(Graphics g)
                   g.drawOval(40,40,120,250);                 //head
                   g.drawOval(57,75,30,20);                    //left eye
                   g.drawOval(110,75,30,20);                  //right eye
                   g.fillOval(68,81,10,10);                       //pupil(l)
                   g.fillOval(121,81,10,10);                      //pupil(r)
                   g.drawOval(85,100,30,30);                  //nose
                   g.fillArc(60,125,80,40,180,180);            //mouth
                   g.drawOval(25,92,15,30);                     //ear(l)
                   g.drawOval(160,92,15,30);                   //ear(r)
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    Re: Write an Applet code to draw Human face

    This is quite interesting..Please provide the Screenshot..I am eager to see this..
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    Re: Write an Applet code to draw Human face

    we are looking forward to see the exact view it will look. Member!!

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