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All Mobi Systems Dictionaries without Keys

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Mobi Systems are know for their impeccable and peerless Smart phone applications like MobiSystems OfficeSuite, Mobisystems Oxford Dictionaries, MobiSystems Diets etc. Oxford dictionaries, thesaurus, phrasebook etc are most popular among the smartphone users. The dictionaries are even available at different languages and you might be amazed by the different products they have for dictionary application. you can have a look at their products here .

But hunger can't be controlled by the smell of a good food. Isn't it? I have Nokia N72. It is Nokia's s60V2 phone. Mobisystems do provide all the dictionaries for S60V2 phones as well. But purchasing so many products on dictionary is not possible. My dreams were about to shatter. I wanted to install all the dictionaries like:- Acronymic, American English, American Thesaurus, Business, Advance Learner's, Thesaurus, Collins English, English Phrases, English Pro, Idioms, Irregular verbs, Medical, Pocket English, Synonymous and lots more. Many Forums and websites do provide you with keys of some of the above products but all keys don't work and you would be left with only 15 days trial.

Now here in this posting I am going to tell you the process of grabbing all the dictionary products at the cost of single licence or in any case you get a single working key for a product from key providing forums and websites. The steps are as follows:-

1) Install Ms dict viewer. This is used for viewing all the installed dictionary products.

2) Install any one of the product either by purchasing the licence or getting a working key.

3) After successfully installing the dictionary check for the folder "documents" and navigate to "documents---> MsDict" ( I recommend to install the application in memory card. If you have installed their then the folder will be available in the memory card).

4) After navigating to the mentioned path you need to check for the file "xxx.pdb" where "xxx" represents the dictionary application name e.g if you have installed "pocket english dictionary" then look for "pocket english.pdb".The .pdb file is the actuall file containing all the "words".

6) Now, what are you thinking guys? Did you get any idea? Not yet? Ok let me take you further. The idea is if you can manage to get all the ".pdb" files for all the products then you can have all the dictionaries with you without any further registration.

7) Question is where from you get ".pdb" files? The Ms dict installer files are available with extension ".sis" . Each application contains ".pdb" file along with other supporting files archived to make a ".sis" file. So you need a "sis" extractor to get ".pdb" file.

8) Sis extractor is not easily available and i have had a hell of time in getting that. You can ask me for the software.

9) Install the sis extractor and get .pdb files one by one for each of the sis application.

10) Copy + Paste the ".pdb" files in the path "documents-->MsDict".

11) Now, You see "Ms dict viewer" is showing all the dictionaries.


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