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TCS ASPIRE 2012 Quiz Solution

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Hi all.

Here , I am providing you links of ASPIRE Quiz for different subjects for 2012 batch associates. This will help you. Body Language Quiz For ASPIRE 2012

Web Technology Quiz For Aspire 2012

DBMS Quiz For ASPIRE 2012

Software Engineering for ASPIRE 2012

Java Quiz for Aspire 2012

UNIX ASpire Quiz Foir ASPIRE 2012

Know Your TCS Quiz (About TCS) For Aspire 2012

I hope this would be helpful.

For further assistance :

ONE CLICK : TCS PRE ILP ASPIRE Materials,documents and post ILP stuffs for all groups.

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  1. Buckyjimm's Avatar
    r these for aspire 6.1 or 6?
  2. angad's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Buckyjimm
    r these for aspire 6.1 or 6?
    It will work for both.
  3. anshul.cri15's Avatar
    what about aspire group 7
  4. shwetashettigar's Avatar
    are these applicable to group 7?
  5. SANA KHAN's Avatar
    solutions for aspire 2013???

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