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Total Documents List for Joining TCS

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*To ensure a hassle-free joining at TCS, you are requested to ensure the following things-

1.You should have completed the first phase of National Skills Registry (NSR) registration

2.You should bring along the completed “service agreement” forms (page 6-11 of annexure)

3.You should bring along the completed “no criminal offense” forms (page 12-13 of annexure)

4.You should bring along the completed “medical certificate” forms (page 14-15 of annexure)

5.You should bring along the Completed "Background Check (BGC)" forms (page 16-22 of annexure)

Besides all these,u should bring along some general documents.

So for annexure there are 5 parts mentioned above . now we will talk about the particulars for each part which you need to carry along wd you.


Page 6=fill and sign(both by you and surety) it in the appropriate places in 100rs stamp paper..no xtra documents needed

Page 7,8,9,10= fill and sign(both by you and surety) in the appropriate places..no xtra documents needed

page 11=get it filled by surety and the gazetted officer who will verify surety’s signature and will also attest the same page

Documents needed for SURETY/Documents for FD/Documents for Land Deed or Land Passbook::

1. Surety verification form (attested by Gazetted officer.)

2. Surety’s Pancard (2 photocopies attested by Gazetted officer)

3. Surety’s proof income (photocopy attested by Gazetted officer , also carry the original one wd you) : Any one of the following are eligible
Photocopy of latest IT Returns/Saral /Form 2D/ Form 16/ Form 12B (Assessment year 2010- 2011 or 2011-2012) Attested by Gazetted officer


If your surety is an agriculturalist then following income proof has to submitted
1.Photocopy of the Land Deed or Land Passbook (Attested By Gazetted officer)

2.Recent valuation certificate of the property (in English only) from the Competent Authority duly signed and sealed. The present market estimate of the property should not be less than INR.50,000.


Original Fixed deposit receipt of INR 50,000 in your name and has to marked either lien/joint account/assigned to TCS LTD for 2 yrs period. if u don’t leave tcs wdin 2 yrs,u will get bck d 50k amount wd interest

N.B:: NO NEED to notarise service agreement pages


Page 12= fill it in 100rs stamp paper

Page 13=fill it by ur witnesses who can vouch for you anytime if you are under any criminal enquiries. Witnesses can be anyone

no documents needed for this part..only get it notarized(both the pages 12 and 13)..make it sure that notary-seal, sign and attestation are duly present in the pages


Page 14=affix a passport size photo of uand get it attested by the doctor and fill the page ..no other documents needed

Page 15=make sure doctor’s registration-id , seal and sign are present

No xtra documents needed for this part


Page 16=tick d boxes correctly,address proof needed

Page 17=tick d boxes,id proof needed

Page 18=affix a passport size photo and fill the page properly,attach address proofs

Page 19= fill it and attach passport details and proof(if you have passport,othrws leave it blank)

Page 20=fill it properly and sign it

Page 21=fill and sign

Page 22=leave it blank..it is for office use only

Now documents list for BGC form—

1.Completed Background Check form (hard copy of BGC Form).

2.Self-attested copy of ID proof – One of these: PAN Card, Passport, Driving License, Voters ID card, College ID Card duly attested by HOD.

3.Self-attested copy of address proof – One of these: Passport, Ration card, Electricity Bill, Landline Telephone Bill, House Lease Agreement.

4.Self-attested and signed documents to explain break (if any) in education - (i) or (ii) or (iii):

(i) Medical records, if the break was due to medical reasons.
(ii) Certificates / Examination results, if the break was due to additional course done.
(iii) Affidavit on a Rs. 20 stamp paper with notary authorization, if the break was due to other personal reasons.

5.In case your residential address(present/permanent) is Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane City, Thane Rural or, Pune you need to submit Self-attested Criminal Investigation Division (CID) forms for the respective region+supporting documents mentioned within each form. This is in addition to the BGC form.


1. All Mark sheets of Class 10th & 12th – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

2. Mark sheets for all semesters of Degree/PG/DIPLOMA – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

3. Degree Certificate /Provisional Certificate – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

4. Birth Certificate - Original and one copy attested by gazetted officer
If birth certificate is not available or if it is in local language, Birth Affidavit in English on a Rs. 20 stamp paper – Original

5. Passport – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

6. Pancard – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

7. TCS Offer Letter- Self attested

8. Joining letter - Self attested

9. Relieving letter (if you have previous work experience) – Original and 2 copies attested by Gazetted officer

10.passport size photos

11.this is my personal suggestion-carry voter id card,driving license.ration card,class 10th admit card,xtra photocopies of all the documents,details of the person you would choose for gratuity, pf etc

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