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TCS : Placement Papers and Solutions

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Hi dears. I am providing you some important papers in all round corner of India for the On Campussing And Off Campussing of TCS . These are the refined works and it will be very valuable for you. All the links are important . I am alwayz ready to help you my friends.
All the best

TCS Latest Aptitude Questions for 2011 and 2012 freshers

TCS complete Aptitude Set

Patternwise TCS Aptitude Question

TCS Campussing Paper for 2010/2011

Different Aptitude questions

TCS Campussing Aptitude Paper and Interview Experiences

TCS Campussing paper and Interview

Sample Questions asked in TCS Campussing

TCS Aptitude pattern and Interview Experiences

TCS Aptitude Paper and Interview Experiences

Must Solve Materials

For more technical and aptitude related materials visit :
Interview Cracking Formula( Aptitude And Interview Solutions)

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  1. saptashi.singh's Avatar
    many many many thanks angad. Its very very helpful. Thanks.
  2. soham's Avatar
    as alwayz you have came something with very helpful and very useful post. kudos.
  3. sanky's Avatar
    that is something truly called good job.
  4. yusuf keil's Avatar
    this is useful for my juniors and my friends who are not yet campussed. thanks on their behalf.
  5. shubhangi das's Avatar
    that's why i like you buddy. You have really been very helpful. You have helped lots of peoples.

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