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ILP PAT TEST::Objective question on UNIX

Multiple Choice Questions On UNIX::


1. UNIX uses ls to list files in a directory. The corresponding command in MS
environment is:

a. lf
b. listdir
c. dir
2. A file with extension .txt
a. Is a text file created using vi editor
b. Is a text file created using a notepad
c. Is a text file created using word
3. In the windows environment file extension identifies the application that created it. If we remove the file extension can we still open the file?
a. Yes
b. No
4. Which of the following files in the current directory are identified by the regular expression a?b*.
a. afile
b. aab
c. abb
d. abc
e. axbb
f. abxy
5. For some file the access permissions are modified to 764. Which of the following interpretation are valid:
a. Every one can read, group can execute only and the owner can read and write.
b. Every one can read and write, but owner alone can execute.
c. Every one can read, group including owner can write, owner alone can execute

6. The file’s properties in Windows environment include which amongst the following:
a. File owners’ name
b. File size
c. The date of last modification
d. Date of file creation
e. The folder where it is located
7. Which of the following information is contained in inode structure

a. The file size
b. The name of the owner of the file
c. The access permissions for the file
d. All the dates of modification since the file’s creation
e. The number of symbolic links for this file
8. File which are linked have as many inodes as are the links.
a. True
b. False
9. Which directory under the root contains the information on devices
a. /usr/bin
b. /usr/sbin
c. /usr/peripherals/dev
d. /etc/dev
10. A contiguous allocation is the best allocation policy. (True / False)

11. An indexed allocation policy affords faster information retrieval than the chained allocation policy.

a. True
b. False
12. Absolute path names begin by identifying path from the root.
a. True
b. False


1.With what can you stop a process?


2.What does the command ls do? -

Shows a calendar
Display of the contents of a file
Display of files and folders, present in the folder where you are
Opening a file
3.With what command you can see your user name?
4.How to create a new file without opening it?
less filename
pico filename
more filename
cat filename
touch filename

5.How can you display a list of all files, including the hidden files?

find all
ls -a
find -a
6.How can you append the output of a command to a file?

command < file
command <> file
command << file
command > file
command >> file
7.What do you use to forward errors to a file? -

1> filename
2> filename
2> /dev/null
&> filename
8.What command do you have to use to go to the parent directory? -

cd ~
cd ..
cd /up
cd -
9.How do you delete a file? -

rm filename
dl filename
touch filename
less filename

10.With what command you can see what folder you are in? -



1.How do you get help about the command "cp"?

help cp

man cp

Cp ?

1.2 How do you list all the files that are in the current directory?

list all

ls -full

ls -a
1.3 How do you rename file "new" in file "old"?

mv new old

Cp new old

Rn new old
1.4 How do you visualize the content of file "not_empty"?

type not_empty

cat not_empty

more not_empty

1.5 How do you create a new directory called "flower"?

newdir flower

mkdir flower

crdir flower


1) works as a command interpretor

A) Hardware B) Kernal C) Shell D) CPU

2) The major no for a floppy disk device is
A) 1 B) 3 C) 2 D) 4

3) chown
A) Changes the mode of operation to kernel mode
B) Creates a thread
C) Changes the users and/or group ownership of each given file
D) Creates a child process

4) lilo
A) Uninstalls the boot loader
B) Installs the boot loader
C) Is a login utility
D) Invokes a daemon to logoff
5) netdevice
A) Provides low level access to Linux network devices
B) Provides low level access to Linux storage devices
C) Provides an interface to communicate with graphic devices
D) None of the other option listed for this question

6) The process which terminates before the parent process exits, is called as
A) Zombie
B) Orphan
C) Child
D) None of the other option listed for this question

7) Context switch means
A) Kernel switches from executing one process to another.
B) Process switches from kernel mode to user mode.
C) Process switches from user mode to kernel mode.
D) None of the other option listed for this question

8)The following socket provides two way, sequenced, reliable and unduplicated flow of data with no record boundaries.
A) Sequential packet socket
B) Datagram socket
C) Stream socket
D) Raw socket
9) Identify the point(s) that is not true w.r.t. signals
A) Signals are software generated interrupts that are sent to a process when an event happens
B) Signal delivery is analogous to hardware interrupts in that a signal can be blocked from being delivered in the future.
C) Most signals are synchronous by nature.
D) Most signal cause termination of the receiving process if no action is taken by the process in response to the signal.

10) Identify the point(s) that is true wrt Semaphore
A) Only one process at a time can update a semaphore.
B) All the other options listed for this question
C) They are often used to monitor and control the availability of system resources such as shared memory segments.

D) Is a process with exclusive use of a semaphore terminates abnormally and fails to undo the operation or free the semaphore, the semaphore stays locked in the state the process lef

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    plz post the correct answer of this test
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    plz post the correct answers of this test
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    anyway of getting answers and other questions???

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    how many sets of questions were there??plz post the other sets too if possible.. and also the answers of them ..many questions don't have answer
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    does the ques remains same alwaz n evry pat test
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    ILP centers or not.. They might change a few questions not all can be altered by them they are not free to make PAT papers :P and 16 questions should be correct to pass in PAT ( if that matters ::P )
  14. tejassarwajna's Avatar
    solutions for set 1 are :-
    1. c
    2. b
    3. a & b & c - all these are true
    4. bc&e
    5. c
    6.b & c & d &e - all these options are true
    9./dev - is the correct folder

    if anything is wrong let me know.
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    If at all anything is wrong, please let me know.
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    thnx a lot for sharing the questions and solutions.....
  19. Zim's Avatar
    Set 2, ques 8..answer will be cd..

    8.What command do you have to use to go to the parent directory? -

    cd ~
    cd ..
    cd /up
    cd -
  20. Zim's Avatar
    Set 2, ques 6 answer will be command >>file ( as >> is append redirection operator)

    6.How can you append the output of a command to a file?

    command < file
    command <> file
    command << file
    command > file
    command >> file
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